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A new project: justification

Two years ago I started this blog. Well, actually I began it and later on I forgot it because I thought I had nothing interesting to say. Now the situation has not changed too much, but I have had a brand new idea*: I could convert this in something like a list of technical recipes about Unix commands and related issues, like computing, advanced scientific plotting and so on.

The thing is that sometimes I need to know how to do a technical task, like filtering some lines within an ascii file, or plot complex graphs with gnuplot, or I get an unknown error when compiling fortran programs,... in these cases I spend up to a whole day looking for in Internet how to solve the problem. From now on, every time I solve a problem, I will publish the solution here, so it may be helpful for something else, as well as for myself in future (I'm very chaotic).

One thing I should explain is why I write so poorly. And the answer is simple: I don't know English enough. You could ask me then why do you write in English? Well, I want to learn, and keep practising is a great opportunity to improve my grammar and increase my vocabulary. That's the only reason.

* I had the idea when I saw this great blog.


piponazo said...

I think I'm in the same situation that you are. It is important for us to improve our english skills for both write papers in english and learn new grammatical structures for speaking. I did the same in my blog some time ago and I stopped for lack of time, but I want to return soon to this task :).

Best regards.

Pdta: I really enjoy your blog.

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